Why do we have to protect our trademark?
If a trademark owner does not protect their trademark then they may be allowing irreparable damage to their brand. Enough unauthorized or improper use could lead to a brand / trademark becoming generic. And we know that you will agree: there is NOTHING generic about BeaverTails® pastries!
Can I refer to the BeaverTails® pastries in my post/publication and how should I do it?
BeaverTails® is a registered trademark owned by BeaverTails Brands Inc. BeaverTails®, like any trademark, must never be used as a noun or descriptor and can only be used with the owner’s consent. Authentic BeaverTails® pastries are only available at authorized BeaverTails® stores, a listing of which can be found on this website. Happy tasting!
Can I use a similar but not identical name for my product or business?
The goal is to prevent confusion in the market place. If the name sounds or looks similar (eg: Beaver Tales, Bieber Tails, etc.) or suggests similarity (eg: Beaver Paws, Rodent Tails, etc.), this may create confusion for consumers. We always want to make sure our fans are getting the real deal!
What if I sell a similar product but I decide to give it a totally different name?
It depends. Anyone is free to sell fried dough for example, but if the branding (eg: the colours, packaging, logo, etc) is too similar, this again may create confusion in the marketplace. We are very protective of our many loyal fans and we want to make sure they are not deceived in any way!
Does this mean BeaverTails® owns the word Beaver or Tails?
Not at all! No one can own the cuddly symbol of Canada! However, if a product similar to one of ours is being sold using potentially confusing names or images, it may violate our trademark rights. Our purpose in all this? You may have guessed it by now! We simply want to avoid possible confusion in the marketplace and keep a strong and distinctive brand. We do not want our diehard pastry lovers to mistakenly fall for another product which they thought was one of ours or approved by us. We do not think they would be able to handle all that disappointment!
I have a name I want to use for my business or product and I want to know if it will violate the BeaverTails® trademark. What do I do?
Feel free to pass it by us- we can offer our friendly opinion! If you want a second, less biased viewpoint, you can always reach out to a trademarking professional.

BEAVERTAILS® and the BeaverTails® logo are trademarks owned by BeaverTails Brands Inc., used under license.
Read about our Trademark Use. BeaverTails® is proud to offer Moozoo® products in selected stores.

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