BeaverTails® is truly one of a kind. Irresistibly delicious, artisanal Canadian pastry, always there to share special moments that make lifelong memories. Iconic indulgence since 1978, today we continue our heritage by uniquely combining our original recipe with premium quality ingredients. Served piping-hot, our hand-stretched whole-wheat pastries are both crispy and chewy at the same time. With endless flavour combinations, we promise you an experience you will never forget.



Pam and Grant Hooker begin serving BeaverTails® pastries at the Killaloe Fair, west of Ottawa, Ontario.

Late 1970s

BeaverTails® stores open at Ottawa landmarks the Byward Market and Rideau Canal.


University student Pino Di Ioia takes a summer job as manager of the BeaverTails® location at La Ronde (now a Six Flags theme park) in Montreal, Quebec. It is the first BeaverTails® location outside the Ottawa area. Pino goes on to become a franchisee, master franchisee and CEO.


Quebec becomes BeaverTails®’ largest market.


BeaverTails® expands rapidly across Canada and abroad.

Early 2000s

Overextension forces BeaverTails® into restructuring.


The team of Pino Di Ioia, his wife, Tina Serrao, and twin brother, Anthony Di Ioia, take over management of BeaverTails®. They move the head office to Montreal, pause expansion, close underperforming locations, and introduce a new operations-focused culture.


New boutique locations are opened with expanded menus, including ice cream and poutines.


Pino, Tina and Anthony become majority owners of BeaverTails®.


BeaverTails® opens US locations in Lagoon Amusement Park, Farmington, UT; Dollywood’s Splash Country, TN and Wildwood, NJ.


Fast-forward 40 years, BeaverTails® pastries are now available at over 140 locations worldwide including Canada, the US, and distribution licenses in 6 international countries.


Say goodbye to awkward silences forever.

If you lined up, end-to-end, every BeaverTails® pastry sold since our debut in 1978, the line of deliciousness would span across all of Canada. There would even be some extras to spare!

48.7 tons of chocolate hazelnut spread goes into making BeaverTails® each year! To put that in perspective, that’s the same weight as 70 moose, and those guys are heavy!

We’ve got friends in high places; in 2009, on his first official visit to Canada, President Obama stopped by the Byward Market in Ottawa and enjoyed himself a delicious BeaverTails® pastry.

Wow, BeaverTails® has more than 150 shops worldwide! New stores are coming as well, where do you want us to be next?

Really hungry? The biggest BeaverTails® pastry ever prepared was a whopping 6-foot treat! It was prepared in celebration of the brand’s 25th anniversary presence at Ottawa’s Winterlude festival in 2006.

Even celebs like to indulge their sweet tooth every now and again; we’ve had the pleasure of serving some tasty treats to Matt Damon, Ron MacLean and Ed Sheeran… just to name a few! Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield also enjoyed a classic pastry; however, his feet were firmly on the ground at the time.

We’ve got all the answers! “What is a BeaverTails®?” was an answer (or question?) on the television quiz show Jeopardy, hosted by Canadian-born host Alex Trebek.

People love sharing their BeaverTails® moments with the world! Over 60,700 of our amazing fans have shared their delicious #BeaverTails memories on Instagram.

Wish you could have a tasty BeaverTails® pastry but don’t live in Canada? Don’t worry about it! We have BeaverTails® locations in the USA, Dubai, Japan, France, and Mexico! And the list is constantly growing!

BeaverTails® is for the lovers; our delicious pastries have played a part in at least 35 marriage proposals (that we know of). That’s not counting the dozens of weddings and thousands of first dates that take place at our locations.

We don’t want to overwhelm you, but there are over 120 possible topping combinations to try!

BeaverTails® was featured in a 2015 episode of the classic comedy series South Park. We had nothing to do with the untimely death of Kenny, though, we swear!

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