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Fun trivia for little (and BIG) kids! Get ready for Trivia Night with the BeaverTails fun-facts below!


- 1981 -

more than 9,500 young canadians
have worked for the BeaverTails® operations in the Nation’s capital alone.

Since BeaverTails®’ debut in

- 1978 -

enough BeaverTails® pastries have been sold to make a line of pastries, end-to-end, from Canada’s
westernmost to easternmost points with pastries to spare!

BeaverTails® uses 33.5 tons of chocolate hazelnut spread per year:

equivalent to the weight of

67 moose (they’re HEAVY!) and 11 beavers.

A question about BeaverTails®

is part of the Canadian version of Trivial Pursuit.

In 2009,

stopped by the Byward Market in Ottawa for a BeaverTails® pastry during his

official visit to Canada.

The musical band The Barenaked Ladies

love BeaverTails® so much that they changed the lyrics of their hit “If I Had A Million Dollars” to

“If I Had A Million BeaverTails”
during a music festival.

The biggest

BeaverTails® pastry ever cooked was a whopping 6 footer treat:

it was prepared in celebration of the brand’s 25th anniversary
presence at Ottawa’s Winterlude in 2006.

To date,

there have been at least

31 marriage proposals
made with BeaverTails® pastries.

“What is a BeaverTail?”

was an answer on Jeopardy, hosted by Canadian-born



has travelled as far as

Davos, Switzerland, Washington, DC, and Iqaluit, Nunavut
to deliver treats to pastry-loving fans.


Who founded BeaverTails?

Grant and Pam Hooker, a husband and wife team, founded the company in 1978 in Ottawa, Ontario.

Have a craving outside of Canada?

You can find us in the US, South Korea, Japan and the UAE.
We are always working on developing other great territories to expand our Canadian culinary icon.
You may find that we have slight variations on menu offerings in these areas due to cultural flavours and tastes.

Franchise Fees?

The standard franchise fee in North America is $30, 000.
We also sell international rights and territories; their fee varies depending on the area and the number of stores to be developed.

Who are our competitors?

Though we do no not have any direct competitors, like all snack/treat companies we do compete on a secondary level for all snack dollars spent.


The majority of our marketing efforts are done within our stores in the form of store posters and point of sale materials, but we also use:
Social media channels – we love our fans! Are you following us yet ☺?
This website!
Word of mouth: President Obama told his friends he liked BeaverTails pastries during his visit to our store in Ottawa.
Our client is in a particular state of mind: out having fun!

Operations and technology

We have great office tools that help us get all the info we need.
We use videos and online training materials to keep our franchisees up-to-date.
We also have several Operations Coaches, who help our stores benchmark their success.

The office

We are a cozy staff of 15 to 20 BeaverTails addicts!
Our office crew is passionate about their treats and enjoy the laid back atmosphere of our loft office.

Legal (boring stuff!)

We are incorporated.
BeaverTails’ headquarters is based in Montreal, QC.

What are clients asking?

Where is the closest location where they can they satisfy their craving? (See our Store Locator!)
Do our products contain nuts? (Yes!)
What are the opening and closing hours of our stores? (Varies from store to store!)
Do we cater events? (We do!)


BeaverTails believes it is important to give back to the communities in which we live and work.


We are happy to offer two fundraising partnership models for special projects in the communities we call home.

Rebates fundraiser

Receive a portion of BeaverTails sales at your fundraising event.


BeaverBites donation*

Receive BeaverBites products for resale at your fundraising event.

Send a request

Global criteria

must benefit a registered charitable organization

event or charity is located in an area where BeaverTails operates

benefits youth or hunger relief & food sustainability in Canada

Note: we do not sponsor individuals religious groups for religious purposes; capital campaigns, endowment funds or memorials; political groups or activities; individual study, research or travel grant, nor do we offer cash donations.

* Requests must be received at least 12 weeks prior to the event or donation date for consideration. Event must provide the staff and equipment necessary to properly prepare and present the BeaverBites


BeaverTails believes it is important to give back to the communities in which we live and work. We are proud to support Food Banks both corporately and on a local franchise-level to help alleviate hunger in our communities. Here are a few ways we’re giving back:

  • World Food Day Fundraiser (annual food drive & fundraiser held in participating BeaverTails locations)
  • Corporate volunteerism
  • Hunger Week Awareness Campaign